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Property ID #:10004
Home in Hidden Valley
Home_sales, Huacas

Property Summary: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Laundry area.. Large vaulted teak ceilings and cabinet . . . More Details
$249,000 USD, property
Property ID #:10067
Unique Avellanas Bali Beach Dream Home
Home_sales, Avellanas

Beautiful Estate Size property just kilometers to the Gold Coastline of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. . . . More Details
$269,000 USD,
Property ID #:10066
Avellanas Income Producing Investment
Condo_Sale, Avellanas

You will fall in love with these beach home... Every single detail is simply gorgeous, from teak c . . . More Details
$245,000 USD, property
Property ID #:10078
Tamarindo Casa Canopy
Home_sales, Tamarindo

If you are looking for privacy, panoramic ocean views, yet still want to be close to restaurants, sh . . . More Details
$1,200,000 USD, property
Property ID #:10073
Home_sales, Avellanas

$495,000 USD,
Property ID #:10074
Unbelievable Beachfront Price!!
Home_sales, Nicoya

Interior Features Included Water Heater, Fully Equiped Kitchen, Laundry Room, Recessed Lighting, Vau . . . More Details
$449,000 USD,
Property ID #:10076
Casa Isla en el Cielo - Pacific Heights | Playa Potrero
Home_sales, Potrero

One large home (3,000 sq. ft.) 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. One large guest house (2850 sq. ft.) 2 . . . More Details
$839,000 USD,
Property ID #:10064
Ocean View Condo Close to Beach

Punta Playa Vistas is an eco-conscious gated community located on the Northern Pacific Coast Of Guan . . . More Details
$195,000 USD, property
Property ID #:10081
Tamarindo Diria Condo
Condo_Sale, Tamarindo

- 1 extra-large bedroom, with possibility for a 2nd bedroom or office space - Fu . . . More Details
$225,000 USD,
Property ID #:10080
Las Palmas de Tamarindo Resort
Condo_Sale, Tamarindo

This Home Price is $135,000 with a $200 a month HOA Fee . . . More Details
$135,000 USD,

Baby Boomers Real Estate, Featured Lots

Beautiful Lot, 600 meters east of Huacas with valley view
Residential ", " Huacas"
".6 of a acre in a back corner of Huacas between two "L" shaped estate homes. Both owners are Canadia . . . More Details
$84,000 USD,
San Jose De Pinilla Playa Avellanas
Residential ", " Avellanas"
"A wonderful value of large ocean, mountain and river views located 3km to the beach. 10 minute drive . . . More Details
$55,000 USD,
Playa Grande Best Priced Lot
Residential ", " Playa Grande"
"Great lot close to the local surf and the local market. . . . More Details
$49,500 USD,
5 Prime Mixed-Use Lots in Flamingo discounted 40%
Commercial ", " Flamingo"
"Normally offered at $125 per Square Meter. Your Choice of 1 Lot Only Discounted 40% to $75 Per Squa . . . More Details
$105,975 USD,
8.65 Acres Ocean View.
Residential ", " Playa Real"
"BEST PRICED OCEAN VIEW LAND STEPS TO PRISTINE BEACHES & HIDDEN COVES Located less than one hour fr . . . More Details
$365,000 USD,

Featured Commercial

Sol y Luna Lodge in Playa Grande
combination_sale ", " Playa Grande"
"The lot size is of 5000 m2, there's a 120 m2 swimming . . . More Details
$625,000 USD, for property
Surfside Business Center
combination_sale ", " Surfside"
"The "Surfside Business Center" is located in Surfside . . . More Details
$169,000 USD, for property
Playa Grande El Oasis Hotel
combination_sale ", " Playa Grande"
" El Oasis Playa Grande is located 2km from Playa Gran . . . More Details
$600,000 USD, for property

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Real Estate Pacific Guanacaste Costa Rica

Now is a great time to find great deals on HOUSES, CONDOMINIUMS, LOTS and COMMERCIAL properties for sale in Real Estate Pacific Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Most of the listings include: Playa Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Flamingo, Huacas, Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra, Playa Pirata, Playa Conchal, Playa Brasilito, Potrero and Sugar Beach These areas are perfect for the active baby boomer since it is much dryer than other parts of Costa Rica.

Escrow services will ensure ownership, check for leans and check for unpaid taxes on properties before approving your investment in Costa Rica Real Estate.

I can set-up walk thru's for any of the properties that you may be interested in.

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I enjoy great friendships with other real estate agents and fellow baby boomers living here in Costa Rica to share some the best Guanacaste Real Estate listings in the area, information and best keep secrets on living in this amazing and beautiful country of Costa Rica.

The FAQ's section has a lot of useful information for active baby boomers living in or moving to Costa Rica.

Most real estate listings are located in the Northern Pacific Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. The area is perfect for the active baby boomers since it is much dryer than other parts of Costa Rica.




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What are the benefits investing in Real Estate Pacific Guanacaste Costa Rica?

Stable Government:
Stable Currency:
Tax Incentives
Capital Gains Tax = 0%
Proximity to Major U.S. Cities:
Healthy Local Economy
No Ownership Restrictions

What about health care?

"Health care costs are about a third of what you'd pay in the U.S. Doctors, for instance, rarely charge more than $60 a visit.". Each year thousands of international travelers and assignees protect themselves with our recommended insurance company. Rates start at $49 per month.

How does Costa Rica cope with climate change?

Costa Rica is considered a "hurricane free zone" and has never been directly in the path of any hurricane so more baby boomers are retiring and becoming expats who've chosen to live life in the happiest place on Earth. Also people here experience the highest levels of longevity. That means happier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

What is driving like in Costa Rica?

Emergency flares are seldom used so look for broken tree branches as a sign of trouble ahead and be ready for cars suddenly stopping to pick up other people.

Any social or volunteer groups I can join?

Want to stay busy all the time? Clubs, organizations, volunteer groups, religious services and schooling classes are available. The list is huge!

How can I save money in Costa Rica?

TIP: use a moped, scooter or bike, with a basket on the back, or maybe even walk for venturing out of the house. TIP: Free or low cost international phone calls can be make by using Skype on your computer.

FAQ's Continued

What kind activities are there in Costa Rica?

Wildlife includes 850 species of birds...... (more than three times as many as in the United States and Canada combined) and more than 2,000 species of butterflies - more than all the African continent!

Can I use my current cell phone in C.R.?

TIP: All you need is a Costa Rica phone chip available at I.C.E. offices. If you are bringing a phone, that is locked in with a different plan, you will need to get an unlock code and then unlock you phone.

What about the crime rate?

With the single important exception of robbery, the crime rate in Costa Rica is low compared to more developed countries. Tourists should carry photocopies of their passport and entry stamps.

What are the weather seasons like?

Are you tired of freezing winters and hot summers? For those who live here full time, the smaller seasonal changes add spice to retirement.

Can I bring my pets to Costa Rica?

The USDA require that your pet have a Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian dated within 10 days of travel. TIP: Try searching on for a used kennel.

Why Costa Rica?

A peaceful democratic nation, with political stability and friendly people who love and emulate Americans, make this a true paradise for retiring Baby Boomers. The country is very affordable. The amount of money you spend really depends on your lifestyle. There are more Americans living in Costa Rica per capita than any other country in the world.

The above answers are summaries. Click for details